15 August 2007

Battles in the War of 1282.

The Miltary Campaigns and major Battles in the War of 1282.

* Battle of Llandielo 17 Mehefin. (This battle should have been focus for attention this year?). It requires a Battlefield Research Group asap, if interested do contact me.

* Battle of Moel y Don 6 Tachwedd. Cofiwn Supporters in Gwynedd placed a plaque to mark this battle in 1982.

* Battle of Irfon Bridge 11 Rhagfyr, if now in truth a massacre, this may have taken place on the 12th Rhagfyr with Llywelyn III having been assassinated the previous day?

Illustrated here are posters produced by Cofiwn in 1982, for use by members only. Their crudness in presentation shows they were produced prior to the age of the PC. Now, I have the Hi - Tech, I do not have the time to improve on such here in this post or elsewhere.

It's a shame we do not have a body as England's National Army Museum who produces nice illustrated maps of Battles. See one illustrated here one on the English Civil War. it is about A3 size, full of Pictures and illustrated with map marking the battles of this war. EXCELLENT! but who would do same in Wales? Cadw, Visit Wales, National Museum, Educational Authority or whom? Please someone consider such, if not on battles alone why not a large A3 size wallchart on the life and times of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, as example of my crude attempt at such for Cofiwn in 1982, see below:

The Life and times of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd