25 October 2010

THE BATTLE OF CERRIG Y GWYDDEL: From Here Begins The Struggle For Welsh Unity and Independence, a battle so important but less remembered than most!

Eglwys St Ceinwen.
Ceinwen's Holy Well.


  1. Looking toward Cerrig y Gwyddel?

    My Tribute To The Fallen.

    Fotos of Cerrig y Gwyddel Battlefield?

    1. Now See links below for further information:

      29 Jan 2006 ... A view across the fields towards the ancient farmstead of 'Cerrig Y Gwyddel'. In ancient history the Welsh and Irish once went into Battle ... www.geograph.org.uk/photo/114148 - Cached

      Cadwallon ap Einion (c. 460-534; reigned from c. 500), usually known as Cadwallon Lawhir('Long Hand') and also called Cadwallon I by some historians, ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadwallon_Lawhir_ap_Einion -Cached - Similar

      3 Jul 2008 ... The church is dedicated to StCeinwen
      and was rebuilt about 1812. ... St Ceinwen's church, 
      Llangeinwen - on the geograph.org site 
       - Cached - Similar

      14 Oct 2010
       ... URDD BRENHINOL CYMRU. To Inform and educate on the Royal Houses
       of Wales 'Teyrnasoed Brenhinol Cymru'; Aberffraw - Gwynedd
      , ...brenhinolcymru.blogspot.com/ - Cached

      Gethin Gruffydd.