24 August 2008

A WELSH BATTLEFIELD CENTRE, what a great idea!

Wales has plenty of important Medieval to 17th Century Battlefields, and I hope most are publicly interpreted in local History museums, if not I suggest you deal with the matter in your locality. However, I feel it would do great service to Welsh Battlefield History, if one dedicated major National Battlefield interpretation Centre was established. Myself thinks that Buellt would be the ideal place for a number of reasons, as regards events of 11 Rhagfyr 1282, not least of course the Battle site of Pilleth 22 June 1402 is not to far away. It is, the fact that such would be centrally based which wins me over to suggesting Buellt as the ideal location. Although I also consider it enough an important Welsh historical matter for the so called ''National History Museum of Wales'' to deal with, I wonder if they ever will? See below, information on an excellent Battlefield Centre near Shrewsbury, this of course has Owain Glyndwr connections which I dare say will be all the more elaborated on the Embassy Glyndwr blog: BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR.