11 December 2010


Diana Dunn

War and Society in Medieval and Early Modern Britain (Liverpool: .... in "The Impact of 'Foreign' Troops in the Civil Wars of King Stephen's Reign. ... Yet, the nature of the conflict in and around the Anglo-Welsh border town of ...
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Most are perhaps aware of Welsh Soldiers employed as mercenaries in Medieval Wars in other countries of British Isles as well as in Flanders and France. Not much will be known of Welsh 'Soldiers of Fortune' or otherwise in foreign wars post medieval period. Recently picking up an old copy of the Welsh History Review Vol 7 Dec 74 No 2 prompted my interest, for within was an interesting article: The Gentry of North Wales and the Earl of Leicester's Expedition to the Netherlands 1585 - 1586 by S.L. Adams. If time allows over coming year I shall look further into this area of Welsh Military History, maybe some one out there better qualified than I should write up a book on this subject. At moment my main research interest is in tracking down Welsh 'Soldiers of Fortune in South American Wars of Independance and later Wars between these newly Independant Nations:

South American Wars

South American Wars. These few notes aim to provide some historical background on the events that have shaped the people I have met in the countries I ...
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I am particularly interested in the  the War of the Pacific because I have been aboard the Chilean Navy's present day Tall Ship Esmeralda when at port in the Canaries, though if I had known then what I have just read below I might have not stepped aboard. I also have fotos of this contemporary Esmeralda at Sea, I will dig out, scan and post up some time. Note that a number of movies have been made of this war and you will find clibs below also, on Youtube.

  1. The War of the Pacific (Spanish: Guerra del PacĂ­fico) was a military conflict that took place in western South America from 1879 through 1884 in which the ...
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    Warofthepacific.com War of the Pacific WarofthePacific

    South America before and after The War of the Pacific. The War of the Pacific .... TheNaval Battle of Chipana, the first of the war at sea, took place off ...
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    Battle of Iquique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Naval Combat of Iquique - The sinking of the Esmeralda ... two ironclad ships of the Peruvian Navy steamed south from Callao, unseen. .... The Ten Cents War: Chile, Peru, and Bolivia in the War of the Pacific, 1879-1884, ... Categories: History of South America | Naval battlesinvolving Chile | Naval battles ...
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    1. Esmeralda (BE-43) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Esmeralda (BE-43) is a steel-hulled four-masted barquentine tall ship of the Chilean Navy, currently the second tallest and longest sailing ship in the ...
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    2. La Esmeralda: This Tall Ship Has A Bloody, Brutal History

      18 Jun 2000 ... La Esmeralda: This Tall Ship Has A Bloody, Brutal History. by Stacie Jonas and Sarah Anderson. TALL SHIPS FROM around the world are ...
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      My research thus far on Welsh in South American Wars have discovered a Welshman fighting in Bolivar's 'British Legion' and another in the Venezualan Navy. I am continuing my research but at the moment my attention as been diverted to the American Cival War after reading the below book, an awesome and awful account of the post Civil War South and continuation of White Sepremacism.

      Then there is the fourth Coming  Civil War 150th Commemoration which starts in 2011 which turns my attention to the Welsh who fought for both the North and the South. I am preparing a major feature on this, to be posted on the below blog:

2 Dec 2010 ... HWB HANES CYMRU/WELSH HISTORY HUB. ALL MATTERS WELSH HISTORY INFORMATION and NEWS, a useful centre for the exchange of ideas, ...
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Hopefully prior to Xmas.

Gethin Gruffydd.