17 April 2011

P 2 : CONTINUED THE BATTLE OF LLANHILLETH 2 MAY 1822: Photo Feature Llanhilleth Today, Edward Morgan Tribute Monmouth and Chartist Statue in Blackwood.

YouTube - Edward Morgan of Scotch Cattle executed6th April 1835

6 Apr 2011 ... Remembering Edward Morgan executed 6th April1835 in Monmouth Jail a member of the Welsh Scotch Cattle Working Class Resistance Movement.
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Main Story Photos Illustrate:

1: Entrance To Monmouth Cemetary, from Osbaston Road. From my research of excellent Cemetary and Monmouth Chartist Trail Leaflets, I was left with information stating that Monmouth Goal, sited at Hereford Road was in the grounds of the old Hospital. Neither of which exist today, however, information states that these sites were on the right side of the driveway in to the present day Monmouth cemetary. Note, the cemetary itself is very interesting, well kept and worth going around. See foto below of Paupers Memorial Cross, Rourkes Drift Veterans are bueried here as well as other people of historical interest.

2: I decided to place floral tribute to memory of Edward Morgan at the entrance at first and then replaced in the small chapel exhibtion centre. See photos 3, 4 and 5. I did this actually on the 6th April 2011, I placed them there to make a further point and, that is Edward Morgan would not have been granted a Christian Burial in the cemetary. So, his remains were placed in grounds of the Monmouth Goal where he had been imprisioned and hung on 6 April 1835. The Goal was eventually removed to Usk and material from the Monmouth site used for house and road building, as for remains of Edward Morgan further research is required. If found they should certainly be given a Christian Burial in Monmouth Cemetary. I finally placed my floral tribute in the Chapel exhibition as they would survive longer there, it is also a reminder that at least an exhibition panel could be placed there re Edward Morgan and Scotch Cattle as well a plaque or memorial placed in grounds of the Cemetary. Hopefully Gwent Tarw Scotch history enthusiasts could deal with this, as well as my previous suggestions re a Llanhilleth memorial and also a Scotch Cattle Black Domain Trail leaflet as the excellent material to promote awareness of Chartist History.

Photos below of sites etc of interest are numbered and noted up, photos here not numbered are misc fotos taken up on Mynydd Llangynider, starting with Old Quarry and present day Quarry workings tip, Roadway over Mountain, Rocky feature, Cairn, Peat Bog/Lake, Mountain Ponies and Sheep going home. At this point I had lost my way and was worn out and thinking what was the quickest way off this mountain other than by William Wales in a rescue helicopter, when I spied 100's of sheep moving west and guessed they knew the quickest way off the mountain so I followed them. Good  decision!:

6 and 7 Railway track towards South and to the North, how close to tramway of 1822, requires further research.

7 to 14 are in and around a newly set up village outdoor meeting place, ideal for an Historical Information Borad and  plaque to mark history set out in previous post. Some one local should suggest this to local council. This location idea for annual commemorations and in time I suggest there be held traditional folk music and dancing here as part of a May Day Llanhilleth Gwyl Tarw Scotch, what a brilliant idea even if I say so myself.


20 Jul 2010 ... MAY DAY 2011: THINKING AHEAD! To The 100th Anniversary Of The Llanelli Riots 1911 - 2011: National May DayRally in Llanelli 1st May 2011? ...
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15: Rising up the Red Pitchfork Flag of popular struggle on what I presume was once the land of the Dukes of Somerset, the Beaufort family. Might still be as the family still owns land further west, this I know for sure. Am doing a major look into this family as part and parcel of my 'Land and Liberty' Campaign. It's great up here if it's a nice weather day, interesting local quarry both old and new, latter still in use so look out for heavy vechiles passing by regularly. 


ymgyrch.blogspot.com/.../land-liberty-campaign-cymru-2010-vyrnwy.html - Cached

16: Tramroad over Llangynider Mountain, a memorial that marks start of existing roadway. Note, there is a Public House opposite, see below. We were setting out to find and see the Chartist Cave and took the longer path and gave up after some miles, path is not marked well and few good landscape features to get bearings. I really advise if you want to see the Chartist Cave, go with organised Ramblers Group or Brecon National Park Guided official walk. Be quicker, easier and safer as note the mountain his full of large and small old quarrying craters.

17: Memorial for Aneurin Bevan and his wife Jennie Lee, their ashes were scattered near this place.

18: Chartist Sculpture, Blackwood. I had to take foto through car window just before going pass bye. Difficult spot to take photo unless you park in town and walk across river bridge.