05 December 2010


Why? Because Cameron and Co have politicised the fourth coming English Royal Wedding as a means of promoting 'British Jingoism' to advance 'British Unity' over and above Wales as a Nation in it's own right. Not least of course the 'Secret Agenda' is to undermine the Welsh National Struggle by weakening Welsh Patriotism and making it subservient to English Patriotism and British Nationalism.Thus it is obvious that Welsh Nationalists must counter this 'British Political Agenda' dynamically and as a direct challenge to continued English Rule of Wales. We must counter this vigourously doing so by means of Cymric Consciousness Campaigning, not silly facebooks fooling about and passive petitions but out and about, here, there and everywhere over the months ahead! No doubt Republicans (See my blogs: Welsh Remembrancer and The Welsh Patriot) will be to the fore in action on this matter but what about Welsh Nationalists?

Where? Cerrig Y Gwyddel? because here was fought the battle and won by Cadwallon Lawhir, that founded shortly after the Royal Court of Aberffraw and so began the story of the unifying of Gwynedd and Wales up to the death of King Gruffydd ap Llywelyn in 1063/64. There after Wales had to fight against centuries of Anglo - Norman conquest up to 1282 - 83, there after in revolt and final War of National Liberation led by Owain Glyndwr in the 15th Century. Here at Cerrig y Gwyddel the story of Wales begins, not least a 1000 year history of our own native Welsh Monarchy and whilst we may not wish such restored we certainly do not want an English Monarchy forced upon us. We must make sure they, Wales and the World knows this big time, now is not the time to be mild and mute, no! now is the time to be very Angry and very Loud ok! Do not take this laying down, rise up and lead way in showing others just how to shake off servility, do it! not talk about it?

Thus Welsh Nationalists you have reason why and where, so when? The Sooner the better thus why not in association with the annual Llywelyn ap Gruffydd commemoration at Llys Rhosyr in December of this year 2010. The sooner the better as a beacon to light the fire of Welsh Patriotic Enthusiasm through out Wales to continue the struggle no matter how difficult it might get with not just one year of 'British Jingoism' to put up with but five years to 2015. So lets see a very special effort to hold some major Cymric Consciousness Campaign Patriots Rally on Ynys Mon in December 2010. Ynys Mon and Gwynedd it's to you we look North for a lead and call to action, let us hear you clearly! show way forward?

Note: See my  Urdd Brenhinol Cymru blog, also not least post on Battle of Cerrig y Gwyddel in this blog. Remember this year's Rali Cilmeri is on the Saturday 11th December and also on the Sunday 12th December there are commemorative events at Aberedw and Abaty Cwm Hir also Caernarfon and Llys Rhosyr. Whilst commemorating the death of Llywelyn III and the end of Welsh Independance consider what you going to about the below or is all this commemoration, just for commemoratioin sake? That's not what Nationalist Commemorations should be about but, more platforms from which to call for the continuation of the struggle to restore Welsh Independance as is suggested in blog post below:

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Gethin Gruffydd.