03 August 2007

I'r Gad Programme 2005 - 2010.

I’r GadWelsh Battlefield Campaign Programme 2005 – 2010.

Hopefully with help of the media in Wales my campaign on behalf of Welsh Battlefield Sites will continue as follows:

2005/6 Short term: At moment I am continuing to distribute campaign material to:

· MP’s, AM’s, MEP’s.
· Local authorities.
· Governmental Agencies.
· N.G.O’s
· Archaeological groups.
· University Departments.
· Various Societies and interest groups.
· The Media.
· Other?

This however, is a time consuming & costly business and as I am still a fair way from being in position to establish a ‘Welsh Battlefields Trust’ similar to that which exists in England. I have nevertheless been promoting & prompting into existence autonomous local ‘Battlefield Friends Groups’ to research sites & study history of and back up locally work I am promoting nationally.

2006/7/8 Long term, I am developing slowly work in following areas:

* Develop a Welsh Battlefield web site.
* Organise a conference to arouse interest in this campaign.
* Prompt into existence a ‘Welsh Battlefield Trust’.
* Make sure a number of publications are made available to the public.
* Develop ideas regards a ‘Welsh Battlefield Interpretation Centre’
* Provide an information service to History Interest groups, inc re-enactors.
* Develope Battlefied trials and Tours.
* Other.

To facilitate the speedier advance of above, I hope by the end of this year to organise a meeting to establish a new society ‘I’r Gad’ Welsh Battlefield Sites Campaign which will have as it’s main campaigning aims the Preservation, Protection & Promotion of Welsh Battlefields Sites. Our chief objective of course will be to see established a ‘Welsh Battlefield Trust’ and thence work towards establishment of a ‘Welsh Battlefield Register’, there after ensure that legislation is implemented by the ‘National Assembly of Wales’ to secure future care of Welsh Battlefield Sites. Our Society ‘I’r Gad’ would also have as programme of work that aforementioned under long & short term, including much emphasis being placed on Welsh Battle Site Interpretation, Memorial & Marker work.

Further, to above I personally am working on a booklet on subject of ‘Battles that changed Welsh History’ and at the same time am pursuing with a number of T.V companies including S4C & BBC WALES also C 5 and the History Channel potential to produce a TV programme on this subject. Noting interest in the British Battles Series produced by BBC 2, an episode of which was on subject of the ‘Battle of Bryn Glas’. This series & thus this episode has been shown on Public Service TV in the USA this year.