03 August 2007

An Email re misc matters.


Annwyl Pawb.

Had hoped to send out the attached NEWSLETTER sooner but Computer "CRASHED". Hope you find the NL interesting, if you wish to contribute to next issue that will be great (no deadlines as i produce as and when possible) Sorry about lack of 'Cymraeg'. I am typing this and all else with "one finger" as it is & with no "GRANTS".

Any way before I go into some STOP PRESS NEWS see short Email below in answer to my request for info on site of Battle of Pwll Melyn. I had thought that USK WALKS with up to 12 USK WALKS on their web site would mention the battle site, but no! so I wrote and asked if they had any info? Their answer is below.

>Dear Sir>>Your site is very interesting and informative but I find nothing that would>guide me to whereabouts of site of the Battle of Pwll Melyn and massacre>of Pontfald 5th May 1405. Have you any information?>>I would be very pleased to receive such.>>Thank you.>>G.Gruffydd.
Email reply from USK WALKS:

"Sorry, I haven't heard of it but there again I'm not Welsh!"

(My comment: The tone is a bit terse & disinterested to say the least but main point is the absolute uncaring disinterest. Now if i lived in Hastings I am sure I would have heard about and visited the Hastings Battle site very quick. See the problems we have in Cymru but it's not just English people, most Cymry do not care!) "Surely you could find references to it on the Web?"

(My Comment: No! there is nothing on the web at all. However, the good news is that local Bryn Buga Community is having a plaque & markers put up this year in time for USK CASTLE GLYNDWR PAGEANT over first weekend of July - See their web site & do make every effort to attend this event)
(My Comment: you may yourself wish to contact John at Email address below suggesting that it really would be an excellent idea if they did a BATTLE OF PWLL MELYN, PONTFALD & MONKSWOOD WALK ON THEIR WEB SITE BY FIRST WEEKEND OF JULY?)

>-- Original Message -->From: "gethin gruffydd" <
gethingruffydd@ntlworld.com>>To: <walks@jtallet.co.uk>>Subject: Pwll Melyn Battle Site>Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 17:21:06 +0100

Another Matters.

Plaques & Memorials: Other than at Pwll Melyn also on line for Bryn Glas & possibly at Woodbury Hill. Plus on Line are a Rhys Gethin Memorial and plaque at Aberdaron to mark the Tripartite Treaty 28 Chwefror 1405. Sadly the plaque placed atop Twt Hill, Caernarfon 2 Tachwedd 2004 has been totally removed by "UNSEEN HANDS". Hopefully, Caernarfon town's people will work to see it replaced. An idea being circulated in area is that to co - incide with the coming of the Eisteddfod, a gigantic 'Baneri Ddraig Aur' is raised atop Twt Hill. It is hoped that such would be a record breaking "Biggest Flag in Cymru" enterprise. When will Ceredigion set up memorial to Rhys Ddu? However, Aberystwyth's 'PLAS GLYNDWR' is now a fact, see sign above Siop y Pethe.

Cilmeri - The "Sacred Acre" threatened by housing encroachment but does any one care? NO! of course not this is "Celebrity Cymru PLC" and a "PATH OF FAME" out side the WMC is far more important? Sorry about the "Cynicism". But i am getting a bit fed up with all this "Cool Cymru" regeneration down in "TIGER BAY".

The WTB: You will see in the NL my letter to the WTB, YES! they have now ignored me thrice. Why? well there can only be "ONE ANSWER" and they just do not want to put it down on paper. However, WTB is just one amongst many that ignores me and my efforts on behalf of WELSH BATTLEFIELDS. A list that includes the "WELSH MEDIA" and Assembly A.M's who after initially showing interest now seem to have "BURIED MY CALL FOR ACTION". I am most annoyed with Plaid Cymru who i thought would really rise to this challenge to protect an important area of our NATIONAL HERITAGE but no? No sign of any interest at all.


Do not know where I can now take it by myself or indeed how much more time I can spend on this campaign. I do not seem to be getting very far really. Over the coming months i shall try to get Wales based ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONS & POSSIBLY WELSH MEDIEVAL LIVING HISTORY SOCIETIES TO ADOPT THE CAMPAIGN. Other than that i am prepared to:

If given help organise a conference as described (or similar) in the newsletter, to establish a Welsh Battlefield Trust. or 2. Organise a simple informal meeting of interested people & groups to simply discuss matters. Either would be at the WYE SIDE ARTS CENTRE ON 10 RHAGFYR 2005. If interested do let me know?

Well that's it folks, until next time.


I'r Gad.

Yn Ffyddlon.