03 August 2007

WTB Ducks & Dives.

Wales Tourism Board “Ducks & Dives”.

Copy of letter to WTB: Original letter sent in February but no reply, thus this second letter dated: 14 – 3 – 2004. Obviously the WTB seeks to avoid an answer which can be meaning none other than they are afraid to admit agreement with my campaign. I cannot see the so called “Welsh Media” tackling the WTB on my behalf but hopefully you will. Please copy this letter and write yourselves to the WTB and see if they will answer you. At same time write to CADW backing campaign for a Welsh Battle Field Register. Yes! Please do write to your Election Candidate and ask if they will support this campaign. I would appreciate any news of “Positive or Negative” response.
Diolch yn Fawr. Gethin.

Annwyl WTB

See enclosed ‘Open Letter’ on subject of a ‘Welsh Battlefields Campaign’ with purpose of seeing that there comes into existence a ‘Welsh Battlefield Register’.

Would the Welsh Tourism Board not agree that the preservation, protection and then promotion of Welsh Battlefields and Welsh Military History is of equal value to promotion of Wales as is the case in England. Further, as is the case in England such as Welsh Battlefields and Welsh Military History have a part to play in tourism, although at moment neither you or any other tourism bodies in Wales as of yet realised the potential of this.

You will of course be aware of Military History Heritage and Battlefield Tourism worldwide, also the interest in such via publishing and Television. I am thinking in particular of the War Walks series and recent BBC 2 series ‘Battlefield Britain’ also via a huge verity of web sites. All are means that could be exploited in Wales in a number of interests not least by Welsh Tourism. You may not however, be fully aware of this potential and thus I suggest our WBfC Report 2005 may be of value to you. (upon request) Further, if then you are unsure how this may be specifically more widely developed in interest of tourism in a number of interesting ways, including how to link into world interest in Military Heritage Tourism. Please note I am available to clarify what needs to be done and show how such may be achieved.

Finally with the aforementioned in mind would you not agree that there is a need for a Welsh Battlefield Register? To give so much attention to Anglo – Norman castles and not to the military struggle that brought them into existence is rather perverse.

Yn Ffyddlon.


Welsh Rembrancer and Heritage Researcher.