09 August 2010


I am posting up details here of of this Scottish Battle for number of reasons; first,
in association with my 'Welsh Jacobite' Feature in my blog:


15 Jul 2010 ... HWB HANES CYMRU/WELSH HISTORY HUB. ALL MATTERS WELSH HISTORY INFORMATION and NEWS, a useful centre for the exchange of ideas, ...hwbhanes.blogspot.com/.../welsh-jacobites-wrecsam-eisteddfod-2011.html - Cached
...also because as you will see from below links, just how well they do the annual commemoration and it might interest a few of our 'Cilted Cymry' to go and join in?
Last but not least, note that the Battlefield Trust includes this battle amongst their
mainly English Battle Field Interests plus there is a Centre of Battlefied Archaeology
in Scotland, why not same in Wales?
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Having read the above be mindful of fact that after much

campaigning the RCAHMW and Cadw have committed

themselves to a Register of Welsh Battlefields. They seem

to have slacked off on this and it seems need putting under

Patriotic Pressure again. By way Adam Phillips! he the

'Facebook Fusilier' from Fflintshire, when the Esiteddfod

was last up your way, as you would a 'Proffessional Joiner'.

You bacame not just a member of Albert Wards 'Welsh

Battlefield Society', but you volunteered to be their North

Wales Organiser. Do tell us Adam what have you done in

this role since then as, maybe campaign for a Welsh

Battlefield up there in Fflintshire?


While in Fflintshire, a major Welsh Jacobite area centered

on Wrecsam and at the Wynnstay Arms in particular, thus

those of 'Welsh Jacobite' Interest in the North East could

hold an 'Educational Social', a 'Welsh Jacobite Evening'

having 'Cilted Cymry' fun but also having some D&D on

matters I raise in 'Hwb Hanes'.


We had a few 'Welsh Jacobites' but no 'Jacobite Welsh

Battles', nevertheless no reason why you cannot invent

one, go see my 'Assyrian Rod' blog:



12 Jun 2010 ... This inspires me to write a fictional futuristic alternate
Welsh history
story, titled 'The Assyrian Rod' which will be developed
in this ...
assyrianrod.blogspot.com/ - Cached - Similar


Gethin Gruffydd.