26 March 2007

Battlefield Sites of the 1282 - 3 War of Independence.

Pics: Baner Dafydd and Baner Llywelyn ap Gruffydd (c) G.Gruffydd. Baneri made by Toni Lewis (RIP).

The war of 1282 - 3 begins with the Welsh led by Dafydd ap Gruffydd, on eve of Palm Sunday (this year 31 Mawrth 2007), at Castell Caergwle preparing themselves to attack Castell Penarlag/Hawarden. This they carried out on Palm Sunday (this year 1 Ebrill 2007). Ideal occaisions for organising of Commemorative events and activities to launch a 725th Anniversary commemoration of the War for Welsh Independence of 1282 - 3. A week later the Welsh of the West, rose up in Rebellion and on Good Friday 1283 by trickery siezed and damaged Castell Llanbadarn/Aberystwyth. Thus this ''Welsh Easter Rebellion'' beginning with success by the end of the year was to prove a disaster for the Royal House of Gwynedd, Llywelyn III 'Tywysog Cymru' was assinated at Aberedw (Not Cilmeri as prior thought). The war would finally conclude in 1283 with the capture of Dafydd III, followed by his execution on 3 Hydref 1283 in Shrewsbury. The early stages of the war and throughout would see a number of castles under attack by both sides, these I shall note below in time, but my main concern is with regards to battles fought during the war of 1282 - 83, and in particular to focus attention on their site conditions, thence recognition perhaps in the first instance by setting up memorials. Such will draw attention to battlefield sites, and from there our campaign may proceed with local support.

Battles of the War of 1282 - 83.

* Battle of Dinefwr. 17 Mehefin 1282.
* Battle of Moel y Don. 11 Tachwedd 1282. (Memorialised in 1982).
* Massacre of Parc yr Irfon. 13 Rhagfyr 1282. NB: Welsh army camps at Rhosferig on 11 Rhagfyr, Llywelyn III is killed on 12 Rhagfyr at Aberedw, the following day his army are tricked into laying down their arms, then they are massacred. Ysbryd Cofiwn will promote commemorations this year that follow this history. For details see: http://cofiwn.blogspot.com
Following on the death of Llywelyn III, we must remember that the Welsh did not gave up, the war continued led by Dafydd III based at Castell y Bere, whilst in Y Perfeddwlad the Welsh fought a fierce fight to halt the English advance. I have never given this much attention, but shall this year and even consider a field trip to area of this heroic Welsh Defensive Rearguard action. Further information will be added here in due course.
There are other battles associated with Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and his rise to power, in particular note:
* The Battle of Bryn Derwin 1255 (date unknown), concludes a dynastic struggle between Llywelyn and his two brothers.
* Battle of Cymerau/Coed Lathen 2 June 1257.
Others to be added in due course.
Future postings will inform what you can do, to help 'I'R Gad to Preserve, Protect and Promote Welsh Battlefiield Sites.